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With a new baby on the way, it’s got me thinking about the things I’d like to try to do differently compared to when Little London was a baby.

Whether I chose convenience or just let the fear stop me from trying something with him, I just don’t know.  I don’t regret the way I brought him up at all, and if all my attempts to try to parent differently this time around go wrong I won’t be disappointed.

But not attempting and not trying to push my own parenting boundaries will make me feel disheartened.  For me it’s about testing something to see if I can make it work.  If it doesn’t at least I tried.

So if any mums have advice or tips on the following subjects please do leave a comment below!


  • Little London

I had a horrific birth with Little London.  It meant there was no skin to skin post birth and trying to establish that initial contact with him to help bring my milk in was stunted because he was in intensive care.  I didn’t get him back by my bed side for three days and by that point he’d been fed on a sugar drip and some bottles.  But overall he was starving.

I never felt his latch was right when we attempted to breast feed but I was told otherwise.  I know breastfeeding does hurt many women, but I just couldn’t get through the pain, the blood and the negative emotion it was leaving me with.  Having had an emergency caesarean and already being in pain certainly didn’t help.  My best decision was to end the cycle and give him the bottle.  I don’t regret that for one moment.

  • Baby Girl

I would love to be able to breastfeed this time around.  It’s not so much ‘breast is best’ for me.  It’s that breast will be more convenient for me.  Having a toddler and trying to get out of the house will be a lot easier if I’m not having to worry about bottles and sterilising.  Plus we’ve booked an amazing holiday to South East Asia for three weeks next year, and I like the idea of not having to lug cartons of milk powder and sterilising equipment around the globe.

I’ve specifically chosen a hospital to give birth in that have an outstanding post natal care team.  And I’m hoping with them we can work out the breast-feeding issues I had previously.  Skin to skin contact is something I want immediately after birth as well, and I believe because of the gestational diabetes I have to collect my colostrum into syringes before the birth, so hopefully the baby won’t be as hungry as Little London was when we attempted breast-feeding.

Baby Wearing   

  • Little London

My son never liked being in his carrier.  And so we never forced it with him.  As he got older we regretted it because there were certain situations where a carrier would have been much more helpful.

  • Baby Girl

I suppose having a toddler means I need to be hands free sometimes, and so having a baby in a carrier will make my life that much easier.  For me it won’t replace the pram but if we’re out and Little London gets tired I know I can sit him in the pram and baby wear the baby.  I certainly don’t need a double pram because it’s rare that Little London needs to be pushed these days.  But I don’t want to be caught out by having to carry a tired toddler while pushing the baby or vice versa without support.

I realise now that some carriers just don’t suit certain babies.  I never knew that with Little London, so I’m hoping to visit a sling library and test out what’s on the market before we buy a carrier.

Cloth Nappies

  • Little London

I had visions of being a great earth mum before I had Little London but when he arrived my world was tipped upside down, so I’m glad I didn’t buy an expensive batch of reusable nappies.  I don’t think I would have coped.  I’ve never once thought about switching since having him.  So for us, at the time disposable was what we needed.

  • Baby Girl

Being more prepared for the physical and emotional side of birth I hope I’m in a better place mentally to cope with alternative methods of parenting.

Cloth nappies are something I’ve not done any research into, so I don’t know the best brands or even how to really deal with a soiled nappy when out.

However like I said above, we are travelling for three weeks next year and being able to reuse nappies instead of bringing literally hundreds of them with us will make our lives easier.  I know we can buy disposable nappies abroad and I’m likely to perhaps buy some while we’re out there because they are convenient.  But it does worry me that if we end up somewhere remote and run out of nappies it may just cause full on panic!

Plus if I can get on board with them it’s nice to have that alternative choice.  What does worry me is nappy rash.  Little London can only wear Pampers because all other brands give him nappy rash.  Having never used a reusable nappy I don’t know if that is an issue to be concerned with.

Baby Weaning

  • Little London

Baby led weaning was and still is big news when it comes to baby weaning.  But for me I just wasn’t comfortable with the idea.  I know many parents who chose the baby led weaning way and had no issues at all.  So I feel like it was my own fear that held me back here.

I decided to wean Little London using baby rice and baby porridge which he loved.  And then I moved on to ready-made baby food.  Starting with the single flavoured puree jars and pouches before upping the texture levels and flavour complexities as and when I felt it was appropriate.

With so many great ready prepared products on the market I found it easier and more convenient baby weaning Little London using shop bought baby food, especially as when I did make my own food for him he would turn his nose up at it and refuse to eat anything.  He was very fussy over his flavours back then and didn’t like to vary from the textures he had grown accustomed to.

He eats really well now, and has a varied palate so again I don’t regret choosing this route with Little London, especially because we did have issues with him having quite a forward gag reflex.  But it did make the weaning process quite tedious and I would panic if we were low on jarred goods!

  • Baby Girl

I really want to try to get my head around the baby led weaning concept.  I know it’s my own fear, and it’s something I need to overcome.  Perhaps if I went and did a brush up on a first aid course I’d feel more confident that if anything did happen I would be able to calmly deal with it.

Having an older brother means baby girl will probably have biscuits thrust into her hands when my back is turned so being able to just feel confident that she can play, chew and nibble will make me feel a lot calmer about the weaning stage with her and not worry so much about leaving the room for 5 minutes.

I would love to enjoy the weaning stage a lot more second time around and think perhaps baby led weaning will be easier and nicer for us all as a family.

Did you try something different second time around and love it? Let me know, and if you have any advice on the above please leave me a comment and pass on your worldly knowledge. 


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