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First time baby purchases and second time baby purchases vary wildly I’ve found.

In particular I’ve found this with strollers.  With so many strollers on the market I think it’s important to spend time finding the right one for your family life.

It’s important to consider what you need in a stroller and on what kind of terrain it’ll be used on.  I know of many mums who have bought the ‘must have’ pram only to leave it unused in the corner of their garage or else they sell it for something more practical.

Laura Hamilton; the TV personality who hosts A Place in the Sun and is also a mother of two, quite rightly states “just because you’re a parent, it doesn’t mean your life needs to slow down.  I need a stroller that can keep up with my adventures and Baby Jogger has an answer to all strolling occasions.”

As a family that likes to travel, we frequently come across different kinds of terrain and so we tend to go between two types of strollers.

By using the appropriate stroller I find that I can lead an active lifestyle and still keep up with all the things I enjoy doing, while knowing my baby is happy and comfortable.

An all terrain stroller, such as the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is perfect for cobbled streets and rough terrain, but being lightweight it hasn’t got the bulk of many similar styled strollers which are heavy and uncomfortable to push for lengthy periods or over bumpy surfaces.  Laura Hamilton is a fan of Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT and says it “is great for outdoor adventures as the all-terrain wheels and front-wheel suspension makes for a comfortable ride for the kids.”

I loved using our Baby Jogger City Mini GT with our oldest when we visited Brussels last year.

It was my first experience trying out the Baby Jogger brand, and I could immediately see why it was a big hit with parents.  The one-handed fold was revolutionary to me, and being able to store the folded stroller easily when we travelled on the Eurostar made travelling nice and easy with him when I was on my own and pregnant with our second child.

As a tall toddler he was also particularly heavy but the stroller took his weight and distributed it well to make the push enjoyable and simple.  If you want to read about how we found the stroller, you can read all about it here.

With Baby London now, I’m able to use this stroller with her as it can be used from birth due to the flat recline and it’s also possible to buy a carrycot to fit on top too.

And just to make the stroller even more appropriate for travelling with for the all terrain lifestyle parent, Baby Jogger have just introduced the Baby Jogger City GO, the first car seat in the Baby Jogger family.

Only weighing 3.6kg it makes transitioning baby to pram seamless for quick dashes as it works with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT as part of a travel system.  It fits onto an ISOFIX base in the car, but it also works with just a seatbelt, which makes it ideal for transporting when travelling abroad if you’re unsure of the fixtures that are available in any cars you use.

The only other stroller we need as a family is a lightweight stroller.  As a family that likes to travel, we do have a preference for travelling light, and if we head off on a city break where we know we won’t need an all terrain pram our go to is a smooth ride stroller such as Baby Jogger’s City Tour.

Being able to just bring hand luggage on a flight means we can travel cheaply and having a stroller that’s compact and fits into the overhead cabins means we have everything we’ll possibly need to hand as soon as we get off the other side at our destination.  It also means when we look at hire cars we can often go for the smaller cars because we don’t require huge boot space.

Weighing only 6.45kgs and with Baby Joggers notorious one-handed fold, this stroller is perfect for navigating smooth city streets and airports.  It works really well in London and I’ve found it so useful to have when it comes to navigating the underground.  Not all underground stations have step free access, and I’m not comfortable holding a stroller balanced on an escalator step.  Instead in the past I’ve held my son’s hand while I’ve worn this stroller on my back in the bag it comes with.  My daughter is still a little young to use this stroller so we’re keeping it safely stored until she reaches 6 months of age and we can bring it back out to use!

Laura Hamilton particularly likes this stroller “with it being so lightweight and easy to fold.”

As a parent I’m not saying you need to purchase both these strollers, but for my family lifestyle having these two types of strollers on hand makes our everyday living so much easier, and it makes travelling with young children an enjoyable experience.  But when it comes to buying a stroller seriously consider what it is you need it for and the lifestyle you lead to make sure you buy the most appropriate stroller for your family.



  1. I really love the look of this. We’ve been thinking of buying a new stroller for our holidays so will definitely check it out.

    • Baby Jogger definitely have a great selection that work for pretty much anything!

  2. A good stroller is a vital piece of equipment for parents to have. Glad you shared Baby Jogger with us.

  3. we’ve got the city tour and I love it, really lightweight and love that it folds compact. I had no idea baby jogger did car seats, though! Awesome x

    • Once she starts walking that’ll be my go to pram to store in the boot and travel with!

  4. What some great sounding tips, buying a buggy always seems like such a hard thing to do with so much choice so making sure yours fits your lifestyle must be a big thing.

    • First time parents like me just don’t realise how important it is to buy a suitable pram for your lifestyle

  5. I’m not a mum myself but I can imagine it’s incredibly important to find the right stroller for your personal lifestyle and babies needs too! x

  6. the second photo in front of the gates reminds me of when my parents took me to London when I was probably 6 months old and took a photo in front of Buckingham palace. I don’t remember of course but I saw the photo haha

  7. I love that this stroller is perfect for cobbled streets and rough terrain. Indeed another stroller to consider as we are still searching for something that we could give to my friends baby shower next month.

  8. I’m not a mum but thanks for such in interesting post. When I went running with my friend the other day we were taking about those mums who go jogging with a stroller and what it would have to be like.

  9. We had a three wheeled all terrain buggy and it was the Bestival investment. It allowed us to escape the city and venture to National Trust properties a lot when we weren’t using our sling x great review

    • They’re all so clever now, it’s great to have such a selection but all the more important to pick the right one.

  10. Our first stroller was actually really bad quality and the wheels broke. It’s really important to actually find the right one for you, your child and your lifestyle!

    • It’s so important, with our first I didn’t really know what I needed to look for or how to compare strollers at all

  11. Is it lame that I’m getting broody just cause of the awesome baby kit! Seriously though, it’s a lifesaver to have such an efficient stroller.

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