Toddler Boy Gift Guide

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I’d do a series of Christmas gift guides- just in case anyone needs some extra inspiration!

Here’s the first in my series, my toddler boy Christmas gift guide:

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1. Aigle Wellies from £23.50 

The quality of Aigle wellies is second to none.  Because wellies are worn so frequently, I like to make sure they’re of sound investment and they’re comfortable for my toddler.  These particular ones are the Giboulee style wellies, which are fur-lined.  So if snow decides to come down, these boots will keep those toes extra snug and warm.  The quilted top part of the boot with the string helps keep the warmth in and the damp cold out too, so all in all a great Winter boot!

2. Monochrome Teepee £148.95

Every toddler needs a den, and this teepee provides style and modernity to the nursery set up.  Big enough to fit up to 3 small children, this teepee can be used either indoors or outdoors and is easy to put up and take down.

3. Twirlywoo’s Big Red Boat £39.99

Without a doubt, every toddler has a favourite television show.  My Son is adores the Twirlywoo’s, which is the reason for including the boat on the gift list.  I think buying a toddler something that is related to their favourite show will guarantee smily happy faces!

4. My 1st Years Personalised Rucksack £22.00

My 1st years offers free personalisation on most of their gifts, and having a rucksack personalised would just be adorable.  I like the idea of my Son being able to carry his own bits and pieces, and as we’re off on our family holiday shortly I felt the design was really appropriate.

5. Convertible Books £13.49

Convertible books are a variety of story books that convert to become play mats and then fold out to become actual sit in cars or pirate ships.  With a variety of vehicles, such as fire engines, princess carriages, tractors and more there will be a vehicle to suit the taste of your toddler! We’ve reviewed this product previously, and it’s an item my Son loves.

6. Nordic Style Hat £15.00

There are very few toddler that I know of that’ll keep a hat on their heads.  Unless a hat is firmly tied on, my Son will just pull it off.  With the mild weather leaving us behind, I can’t risk his ears and head getting cold, so this grey hat with an adjustable strap is perfect.

7. Mini Micro Scooter from £59.95

My Son has been eyeing up these scooters for a while, and I think he’s at an age now where I think he can safely use one under supervision.  As an active child, I like to encourage him to play outdoors and having a toy that he can play with irrelevant of the weather is a handy tool to have at my disposal!  I’ll also be buying all the appropriate safety gear and the scoot n’ pull strap to make sure he’s as safe as can be.

8. Disney Movie

One of my favourite gifts when I was little was the yearly Disney movie my parents got me.  I rewatched my favourite ones over and over again.  With Little London’s obsession with dogs I felt that Lady and the Tramp would be a great first Disney to give him.



    • They’re amazing. Little L loves them…! A stash is a good idea because they’re destructive little boys at this age!

  1. I love the bag!! That is brilliant! Some fab choices!

    Gemma x

    • It’s so cute isn’t it! I’m hoping I can do away with his lunch bag and make him carry his own food from now on 😉 x

    • I think it’s something he’ll love, so we have plans to get one this year for him. x

  2. Oh my gosh I want all of these for Toby! I’ve had a teepee on my radar since I was pregnant with him and the convertible book looks really good. Toby has recently gotten into the Twirlywoos too although he just asks for ‘Ducks’ because of the opening song!xx
    Hannah Budding Smiles recently posted…My Week in Pictures // 20.11.15My Profile

    • Hahah my little one sings along to the quacking… I have no idea what attracts them to certain shows. But he is literally obsessed with the ‘twers’ lol x

  3. Lovely gifts. The girls have a tee pee and wellies. They would love the twirlywoo boat. Love the scooter too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Xx
    Kat | Beau Twins recently posted…Family Christmas and Winter Cosy NightsMy Profile

  4. That teepee, wow! I need one in my life, never mind the kid lol. Great inspo to choose from!

    • Such a cute teepee isn’t’ll secretly be for me if I buy it for Little London 😉 The convertible books are hand on heart amazing. My Son loves the tractor one we were sent to review months back. x

    • Really reasonably priced..! I think they’re doing bundles for christmas, so three books for £20.00. Great if you have to buy multiple presents and want to save a bit x

    • Gotta love a disney right? 😉

      The books are amazing, we reviewed it a couple of months ago and my little one loves it!

  5. Wilf has a micro scooter and they really are great, he’s been a bit of a slow learner with it as we got it for his third birthday and he’s almost 4 but he’s finally got it! x
    Fritha Strickland recently posted…A little post about breathing better in the winterMy Profile

    • Yeah I’m not sure our little one will get it straight away, but he does throw tantrums when he can’t play with other children’s scooters at the park- so we figured we’d put an end to that at least 😉 He just pushes them at the moment.. I wonder if he’ll figure out how to stand on them properly!

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