Top 10 Tips For Fussy Eaters With SMA® PRO Toddler Milk

Fussy eating is definitely a problem in our household.  Anything can put my son off eating food.  If he doesn’t like the look of something it’s hard to even convince him to try it, irrelevant of how much effort and time I’ve spent in the kitchen trying to concoct something toddler friendly.

I have to cater to his irrational food fears at times.  Such as making sure no food is spilling over the edge off the spoon and making sure his hands are kept impeccably clean if he’s feeding himself.  Toddler’s are non sensical when it comes to eating.  At least mine is.

But over time I’ve learnt how to adapt to his way of thinking and therefore get him to try new things without the tears and tantrums.  So I thought I’d share my top 10 tips for fussy eaters in case any of these tips help you out with your fussy eater.


1. When it came to vegetables or food that wasn’t beige my son would immediately turn up his nose and clamp his mouth shut.

It was during the time when I was teaching him his colours, that I realised if I called his food by their colour instead of what they actually were he’d be more willing to try them.

So peas became “green” and carrots became “orange.”

Because it became a learning game it immediately became more fun for him.

2. In the same way instead of calling broccoli by its name I call it a tree, because he has more association to the word tree than he does to broccoli.

If in doubt I try to see what shape his food looks like and go by that.

This continues to get easier as they get older, now he likes to pretend to be a dinosaur eating trees… win win.

3. Feeling like he’s missing out tends to work a charm too.  Sometimes I tell him the dog is eyeing up his food, or Mr London Mum will pretend to eat a bite of his food to which Little London responds with “Daddy no, lil-li-um num num” (deciphered as Dad get off it’s William’s food) and promptly shovels it into his own mouth.

4. In that same respect eating with other children does truly help and convince them to try new things.  I think this is where nursery comes in as a helpful tool.

We however don’t send Little London to nursery so I’m part of some toddler groups that have snack time breaks where all the children sit down together.

5.  For a while my son wouldn’t eat food that was mixed together because he couldn’t understand what it was.  He preferred everything separate.

However if I let him help me in the kitchen mixing the pancake batter or mixing up a sauce he’s only too happy to eat it afterwards once it’s cooked.

He enjoys seeing the whole process from raw ingredients to end result- often staring at the oven in amazement.

6. On days when nothing is working I just leave little plates around the room.  Sometimes when I’ve made him something he’s not immediately hungry and forcing him to eat is just far too tedious a job.

So I’ve learnt that if he’s not eaten properly just to make sure there’s food within distance for him to pick at.


7. My son is a milk fiend.  He would drink milk all day long if he could.  However I do find that milk fills him up which reduces his appetite.  So I’m very careful on how much milk he gets in a day.  At the moment he has some in the morning and some before bed on a good eating day.

However on days where he has less of an appetite, he’s ill or he’s being really fussy and not eating a good varied diet I do find I supplement him with extra milk.

There’s no wrong or right milk at this age; breast, cows milk and toddler milk are all beneficial and it’s what suits your lifestyle.

SMA® Nutrition have just launched SMA® PRO Toddler Milk.

Just 2 of the 200ml servings provides a toddler with 100% of their recommended daily intake of vitamin D. As we know the sun helps the skin to make vitamin D, but in a country with more wet and grey days than we like, it’s nice to know that particular vitamin need not be lacking in my child’s diet (or hindered by his use of sunscreen). It can then function in doing its job of helping to absorb calcium from the milk and from his meals to support normal bone development come rain or shine.

With iron to help support normal cognitive development and iodine to support normal growth along with omega 3 and 6, I’m confident that my son gets the nutrients he needs to support his diet from the milk I give him.

And on those fussy days the offering of an extra serving of milk means I don’t worry that he’s refused his meals as I know he’s getting everything he needs to continue progressing in healthy manner.

8. Toddlers drive a hard bargain, but it’s one I use at dinner time when I’m desperate.  It tends to take this form:

Me: “Can you sit at your table, dinners ready”

Him: “No”

Me: “Mummy will put Teletubbies on if you do”

Child moves into position, I scour sky plus and put Teletubbies on TV.

Child looks at food (that I have painstakingly prepared), pokes it then pushes it away.

I pause the TV.

Me: “If you eat a big mouthful I’ll fix the TV”

Continue until end of meal.

9. My son loves fruit pouches.  He prefers the taste of the fruit in a pouch over fresh fruit.  The fact he can’t read means he also loves vegetable pouches.

Getting extra nutrients into him this way is often my best bet when some days all he’ll eat is the plain pasta on his plate.

10. Don’t offer dessert.  If we eat a sweet treat it tends to have nothing to do with meal times, because I don’t want my son getting used to expecting a tastier alternative to his meal.

I’m not saying never give them sweet foods, just choose the timing of it so they know that the plate they have in front of them is all they’re offered and there isn’t a “tastier” alternative.

As they get older and start to develop a bit more when it comes to eating and flavours this probably won’t matter as much.  But toddlers will certainly push aside a savoury meal in favour for some chocolate!


(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post).

SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is suitable for young children from 1-3 years, as part of a healthy balanced diet and it is not a breast milk substitute. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible.



  1. This sounds exactly like my youngest child, she’s 18 now and although she is not quite so fussy she still wont eat things that are all mixed together, she doesn’t even like her peas touching her carrots 🙂
    Jude Dunn recently posted…Elizabeth Grant Hydra Cell Active Skin Care RangeMy Profile

    • It’s crazy isn’t it..! Who ever would have thought food touching would be such a conundrum!

    • It’s so strange, you literally have to think on their level but it seems to work with my little boy. x

    • In a way I hope he’s always obsessed by milk, it’s so good for them!

  2. Ahhh these tips may just have saved me my sanity thank you!! I have 2 fussy eaters in this house, lets see how I go with these new rules!

    • Hopefully it helps. I tried all the conventional methinks and nothing worked so resorted to finding my own techniques. x

  3. My son used to drink a lot of milk too, and like you say, would fill him up. Cutting that down helped home eat much more x

    • Definitely, I think sticking to the guidelines is really important to make sure they’re getting adequate nutrients from food and not solely from milk. On those days where food became the enemy though I’d send him to bed with extra milk 😉

    • Hahah glad I’m not the only one! It works though doesn’t it? As soon as I switched to tree he was happy munching down on it!

  4. Nice tips! The colour game for veggies sounds like a fantastic idea!

    • Colours are certainly more fun than saying “eat your vegetables” lol. x

    • I think at one point I was literally ting to figure out calorie intake because he was so bad at eating. Thankfully now he’s really good, these tips certainly encouraged his eating and helped so much.

  5. Lucas loves his food luckily as he won’t drink any type of milk other than breastmilk and I’ve weaned him to only having that at night now x
    jenni recently posted…Yarrow Valley Country Park – ReviewMy Profile

    • You’re sorted! I wish mine took to food that well. Luckily we’ve passed the hurdle and he pretty much eats everything now. x

    • Yep, they can be little milk fiends and won’t realise how filling and nutritious it is. It’s very good for them, and for those who happily starve and refuse food it’s good to know a bit of extra milk can help them out.

    • It’s just so strange how they have this immediate dislike of vegetables. It’s like they know it’s good therefore they must hate. SO yes you have to think a bit more smartly for some kids 😉

  6. I was a pretty fussy eater as a kid and in the end my parents almost gave up trying to get me to eat things, oops. It’s probably why I rarely eat vegetables now as I never trained myself to tolerate them x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Five Things – Week 28My Profile

    • My sister used to store things in her cheeks and spit it out into the toilet. Sometimes just certain foods we just don’t like. At least you eat other things now 😉

  7. I used to be fussy and in fact i still am a bit. Theres nothing wrong with it, we can’t like every food now. I won’t go near salad, garlic or sunday lunch x

    • Fussy over certain foods is understandable. But refusing to try something (most things) based upon the way it looks is definitely a “fussy toddler” thing. Certainly so when they eventually try something and enjoy it.

  8. You’re a clever cookie you! Great tips. I find Little I eats so well at nursery and when she’s with other kids but can be a bit silly at home, where she’s just clearly trying to get a reaction out of me. I tend to pretend to take it away or eat it and then she usually wolfs it down!!x
    This Mama Life recently posted…Guest Post: A Straw Satchel Summer*My Profile

    • Mine would pick milk over food all day long. But if he wants it in the day time I’ll offer it after his meals now. I like to capture him at starvation point so he’ll eat 😉

  9. Some fab tips here. I lived off soya milk when I was young as I had a really bad skin condition
    Tara recently posted…6 Foolproof Tips For Healthier HairMy Profile

    • Oh no 🙁 Intolerances/allergies are very common. Luckily now there are loads of different varieties of formula that can help with a child that may have issues. Even breastmilk can cause problems so it’s nice to know that we live in an age where we have a bit more option.

  10. Fussy eating has always been a bug bare of mine - it drives me insane… and then I go and have a child who is fussy! Edie is getting better now, she’s started to copy her brothers. Toby is a bit fussy with some stuff but will generally eat most thing. Edie survived on chips, chocolate and prayers for a long time… she wouldn’t even eat yoghurt! The nights I have cried over this!!
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…5 ways to manage an unexpected expenseMy Profile

    • Oh no 🙁 My fall back was yoghurt and milk. The thing is they do grow out of it thankfully, it’s just getting through that period when they refuse everything isn’t it?

  11. These are fantastic tips. Looking after my friend’s children, I found them to be really fussy eaters so this has definitely given me some ideas.

    • They can be so tough. Children are so stubborn when they’ve set their mind on something. x

    • Oh no- I guess that’s next for me then… luckily I have a few more years 😉 haha

    • It’s ridiculous how stressful it is if you end up with a fussy toddler.

    • Luckily he has grown out of it now. He eats everything and anything, so I know these little tips work. It can be such a tough time when they refuse to eat!

  12. Sounds very similar to the steps we had to pull off to get our niece to eat. Broccoli always plays the Tree game, and Mince is mud pie. If it gets them to eat it, who’s to complain hey!?
    Northern Crumble recently posted…Month One Earnings – House Deposit In A YearMy Profile

  13. Great ideas, especially the shaping of the food. My littles both hate milk sadly but will happily have it on cereal etc thankfully. x

  14. Great Post. My son loves drinking SMA Pro Toddler milk and I am struggling to cut down but I will try the tips for sure. Thank you xx
    Bella recently posted…Camber SandsMy Profile

    • Th only time Little London really cut his milk down was when we stopped his night time milk in a bottle routine. He still drinks milk now, but not half as much. The milk + bottle was definitely a comfort thing for him. x

    • Hahah I tried literally everything!! These were the only things that seemed to work!

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