Top 5 Things to do in Verona |Italy

Just when the UK was enjoying the heat from an unusually sunny bank holiday weekend, we thought it was the right time to hop on a plane to go to Italy in seek of even hotter climes.

DSC_0039 (1)

However, as sods law would have it we landed on a blisteringly hot day and then endured the wrath of the rain Gods on the days subsequent.


Oh well.

Luckily it wasn’t a beach vacation, so it didn’t really dampen our holiday mood all that much.

How can it when Italy is all about the food and wine anyway? 😉




So if you’re heading to Verona here are my top 5 things you need to do whether rain or shine.

1. Casa di Giulietta

Otherwise known as the house of Juliet, this is an example of how much media can work in the favour of tourism.

We all know of the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, so it is only fitting that somewhere in Verona there is a house where Juliet once lived.  A house with the much famed balcony attached.


Enter Casa di Giulietta.


Add to that, the fact this 14th century house was once owned by the Cappello family (very similar to Capulet of course) and you can see  why this building has become the pilgrimage place for all those eager to find love or find answers to love related problems (there are a lot of letters attached to the walls that are in desperate need of answering), irrelevant of whether or not Juliet ever actually existed.



It’s free to go into and see, although if you want to go out onto the balcony you do have to pay to enter the house which is quite large and houses a few interesting things from the 16th and 17th centuries.


Before leaving, make sure to give Juliet’s shiny breast a good old rub (facing her it’s the left side, but on her it’s the right breast- so I say shiny because you can’t fail but notice the rubbed shiny breast from a lot of groping).  It’s supposed to bring you good luck in love.


It is gimmicky, but it’s fun.  It’s Verona after all.. the city of the tale of two star crossed lovers.

2. Food and Drink

Verona has some spectacular places to eat.  And washing it all down with the local Soave is the only way to feast.  The prices of the restaurants do vary depending on the quality of the chefs.

Unlike most cities I found that the location of the restaurant didn’t matter.  So you can happily sit near some of the best sites and monuments and not pay over the odds for the pleasure (Venice take note).

One of our favourite restaurants was Trattoria I Masenini.  With seating looking out onto a square and across the road from Castelvecchio it was a great location not far from where we were staying.

The food was on the expensive side, but for good reason- it’s Michelin recognised.  For the perfect dish head make sure you stop by.

For a better priced option with amazing views I have to say Terrazzo Bar Al Ponte is the place to go.


The bonus of the weather being temperamental was that no one was sat on the outdoor terrace at all, even though the temperature was moderate.


So we had the outdoor space to ourselves, which had the most spectacular river views.



The food was tasty but not out of this world, but that didn’t matter.  The view and price made it a great find.  We avoided the rain for a while and gorged on a feast.


While in Verona it’s also essential to make sure you sit down outside in one of the famous squares to enjoy an aperol spritz.


This orange drink is commonly served around this Northern part of Italy, so drink it served by the experts.  Sit where you like, the prices are pretty consistent throughout the city and they all taste pretty damn good, plus they put a little snack of sorts on the table too which doesn’t cost any extra! 😉


3. The Arena 

Older than the Colosseum and built in the 1st century is this colossal building.


It’s still used today for Opera during the summer months, and I can imagine it being a magical setting to see a performance- although don’t underestimate how high and steep the steps get towards the top of the arena.  Vertigo saw me clinging to the railings.


Structurally it’s still very much in tact, you can walk inside the arena walls just as the gladiators and lions would have done before walking out into the stadium.


If you visit on the first Sunday of the month, tickets only cost €1.00.  We didn’t know this and just got lucky!


4. Ice cream 

Yes, I could include this under food and drink.  But personally I think the place I’m going to tell you of needs a heading all to itself!


Gelateria La Romana is the place to get gelato.  There will be queues outside the door up until closing time.  The only time it’s slightly quiet is if you get there first thing (gelato crepe anyone?).



But it doesn’t matter whether there’s a queue or not, you have to make sure you get some gelato.  Not only are the flavours the absolute nuts, but they also have running warm white chocolate and milk chocolate that they can put in the bottom of your cone before adding the scoops of gelato on top.


All at very reasonable prices.

This is where the locals buy gelato, and this is where you should buy gelato!



5. Giardino Giusti

These beautiful Italian gardens are a wonderful to spend an afternoon.  We were able to take in the beauty while Little London ran off some steam.

They were designed in the 16th century and belonged to the Giusti family.


With little hedge mazes we spent literally hours running after our son, before we were both tired out and he collared some unsuspecting lady to chase him instead.


Theres a tower called the Belvedere tower you can walk up which opens up to another little garden at the top, with spectacular views of Verona.



It’s just a lovely place for some chilled out, relaxing time in the middle of the city.


I hope these points have given you some inspiration.  Here are some more pictures from our trip to further whet your appetite for Verona.






















  1. You are the most photogenic family ever! Gorgeous photos, Italy is very high on my list to visit, I’ve been to Rome twice but nowhere else and would love to do a driving holiday there xx

    • I think Italy is the best place for holidays with little ones, the italians are so family friendly about everything and they adore children. The squares are just meant for late dinners with toddlers running around!

  2. Beautiful post. I simply must invest in a chocolate tap!! Who knew? Thanks London mum ????

  3. Beautiful post! I simply must invest in one of those warm chocolate taps! Who knew?? Thanks London Mum 🙂

  4. Wow, Verona looks absolutely stunning, I never knew it was good luck to rub Juliette’s right breast either, no wonder it’s shiny 🙂
    Jude Dunn recently posted…Living Naturally Soapnut SoapMy Profile

    • It’s so shiny hahah- Juliet gets more action than most people I know! lol x

    • I think that’s when it first hit my radar to go- it’s taken me this long though hahah x

    • It was tough writing the post looking back on the pictures of ice-cream lol- very tough!!

    • Oh Ana you would love it. If you book tickets in advance you can get some amazing cheap deals. x

  5. These photos are lovely! You’re all so photogenic 🙂 that ice cream looks so so good! I’ve never been to Italy before but it’s always been on my list 🙂 xx

    • It’s such a great country and the gelato and food is out of this world. x

  6. Wow I can’t believe the Romeo and Juliet balcony is real! And that rubbing the boob thing - oh my god! Your photos really are beautiful, Verona looks like a beautiful place to visit. Ps your little boy is so cute 🙂 xx

    • Hahah I couldn’t not rub the boob- I didn’t want bad luck lol x

    • It was fab visiting it. We went when someone was getting married and it was lovely to see.

    • It’s a great city, and not too big that it can’t all be done on foot. Perfectly sized 🙂

    • It’s incredible that it’s still practically all here considering how old it is!

  7. Beautiful photographs!! Verona in Italy looks amazing. It seems like you had a great trip to Italy. Thanks for sharing your info….

    • It was a fabulous trip, a love a quick hop across to mainland europe x

  8. Excellent list London Mum! Some great ideas for places to see and things to do. Very beautiful photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This looks absolutely beautiful, your photos are perfect! It looks like a really nice place to visit. If I ever decide to brave a plane this will be on my list, lol! x

    • Oh Ally you could brave a plane- just drink through the flight 😉 It’s quite fun hahah x

  10. Such gorgeous photos from your trip! I would love to do a short family break to Italy as I loved it so much when I went a few years back with a friend! That gelato place looks heavenly, running chocolate!? AMAAAAZING. I’m also loving your lighter hair at the moment, really suits you! Lastly, where are those lovely tan shoes from in the first few photos?! xo

    • Thank you- the pesky greys were descending far too quickly, so the lighter hair is my way of dealing with it hahaha. The tan shoes are from ASOS, I can’t remember which shop but I’ll find out for you and let you know.

    • So did I, it may or may not be real but that was irrelevant to me, I just enjoyed seeing it 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 The ice cream was seriously the best thing ever!

  11. Oh your photos are just stunning! Verona looks absolutely amazing - rain or shine. I would love to go to Italy - my eldest duaghter has just been to Rimini and Milan. Kaz x
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…Dreaming of DubaiMy Profile

    • Oh I bet she loved it! You need to go to Verona with her 😉

  12. Despite the rain, Verona looks beautiful. You’ve got some gorgeous photos there and I really want to go to Juliet’s house and take photos of that letter wall! Wow, the stories.

    • You have roots there you need to go! You’ll fall in love with it. You can’t help but just love their way of life.

  13. What a fantastic post! I would love to visit Verona, especially Juliet’s House! Your pictures are beautiful, and your little boy is adorable x

    • One of the reasons I wanted to visit was for Juliet’s house- know it could be a fabrication (ore likely than not) but I still just had to see it 🙂

    • Let me know if you find any- I could do with a bucket load! xx

    • It was! To be fair I didn’t eat any pasta that wasn’t amazing- the Italians can cook!

  14. LondonMum in the country of music - whatever next haha??? Want to know something LondonMum?? – ‘L’ & I think in 10 – 15 years’ time, you’ll all look back, when you reminisce through your family holidays photograph album, & you’ll all have such outstandingly brilliant memories … (including many future rugby stadiums hopefully ha ) but, with only one UK holiday destination still missing haha. Hope all’s well. Where have all these ‘grockles’ come from already haha? Onwards LondonMum. (eagle now on countdown “O” ?)

    • Thing is we did that one before he was born! We’ll have to rectify it when he’s older and not likely to jump off cliff edges! lol. x

      • Yep, I remember … (we’ve only just recovered from that) … but that doesn’t count haha! Cliff edge jumping’s now compulsory down here (parachute optional) & LittleLondon can build far better Sandbanks sand castles than LondonMum ever could & could also eat more ice cream - oo, 2nd thoughts … not sure about that! ‘L’ + B&WC waiting haha.Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. “O”

        • I was gonna say.. no one can beat men ice-cream consumption 😉

  15. Fab photos, looks like a great weekend. Would love to go and visit, I forgot there was the wall of notes and would love to try the real italian food x
    Jenni recently posted…#FathersDayTipsMy Profile

    • Italian food is just the best! It makes it one of the reason it’s so family friendly for me- no one can hate the food! lol

  16. I have never been to Italy but it looks like a stunning place. It’s o my list of places to go anyway so bookmarked this for when we do get a chance to visit thanks for sharing, the pics look amazing 🙂

    • A great place with little ones too because Italians are so welcoming of children, and the outdoor seating is so social they don’t mind children playing.

  17. A place with chocolate literally on tap has to go on the ‘must visit’ list!
    Claire recently posted…The great study project, part 1My Profile

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