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Being a Mum does mean certain outfits really aren’t practical.  Anyone with a child knows this, so when I buy new pieces they have to fit in with what I currently wear and also with my lifestyle- which is running after a wayward toddler!

All the pieces I buy have to be hard wearing and comfortable which is why I’m loving the dungaree trend (although don’t keep anything in the top pocket because when you nip to the loo everything falls out onto the floor- lesson learnt!).

We spent a few hours in the sunshine with Little London exploring St. Paul’s Cathedral, and during his nap, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you what I wear on a casual Mum day.







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    • I love them, they graze just above the ankle too which is nice.. I spent ages finding the right ones lol x

  1. You look incredible in these dungarees, I tried a pair a few years ago and I looked like one of the super Mario brothers.

    • Oh no hahah, I spent quite a while searching for the right ones, I like these because they had a normal back, were quite slim fitting an cropped at the ankle. x

  2. I tried on some dungarees the other day and felt like a decorator! hehe. Definitely not for me but everyone else - you included - look great in them! x

    • With so many it’s really hard to find a pair that don’t look too decorator-ey! lol. These ones I loved, because they’re slim fitting and cropped at the ankle. Some of them have weird backs too which put me off many of the varieties in store!

    • I’m going to have to go in and check out the dress then, I’m loving the pinafore style. 🙂

  3. I love those dungarees and you look fab in them. I’m almost tempted to get some, but I’m quite top heavy so I’m not sure that I’d look quite so fab 😉

    • You should give them a go and just see how it looks on you. As long as the top you wear is slim cut I think you’d look great! x

  4. I love dungarees, but they are something I don’t have the guts to wear…. They always, and I mean always look so great on other people……like you!! Look gorge hun.

    • Thank lovely, you should give them a go and just see how you feel when you try them on in store x

    • Here’s the link to them Topshop so they were £48, they do have other styles and colours available but I particularly like the cut of these dungarees which I’m not sure comes in any other colour than black. Here’s a similar pair in indigo though. x

  5. Even St. Paul would be impressed with LondonMum in such classy & stylish dungarees surely?? - Hope all’s well with you all???? Onwards LondonMum. ‘O’ ??????? L+R.

    • hahah I would hope so! haha Will check today, have had a manic few weeks of back to back things. x

  6. Love these - I like you have been looking for a well fitting black pair for months. I tried the other TS ones start of the summer and they definitely were not as flattering as this cut. I bought yours yesterday in petite as I am always petite leg length at TS but beware folks even given they are supposed to be cropped, I am only 5″2 and they finish way too high up my leg so I am going to swap for regular length if I can find them anywhere. You’re right about the other backs being very strange, so many dungarees look fab from the front and terrible from the back because of weird shaping. So glad I found these too!

    • I usually buy petite too as I’m 5ft3, so I tried on the petite pair. But wow they certainly wouldn’t have been a pair I could have comfortably sat down in lol. I ended up with the regular size and chose a size down. I’m usually a size 8 petite, so went for the 6 in regular. x

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