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Having just come back from our first family holiday; a staycation in Pembrokeshire, I’m feeling much more confident about getting my travel bug back on and with websites, such as Expedia, it couldn’t be easier to go explore, book and jet set my way around the world.

Taking Little London abroad is something I’ve been waiting to do since the day he was born, but timing just never panned out.  And actually I’m glad we’ve waited, because having a much more settled toddler to travel with will be more enjoyable and definitely much easier.

So I thought I’d let you know what’s been planned and what’s in the pipeline when dates can be figured out.

1.  Bluestone, Pembrokeshire.


We’ve actually just come back from Bluestone, a little video will be going live on Wednesday with a full blog post to follow.  But it’s an amazing location for a wonderful family staycation.  Taking Little London to Bluestone has definitely given me the confidence to brave taking him aboard and knowing he’ll enjoy himself as much as we will.  Especially if we go somewhere with a beach.  Turns out we have a sand loving beach baby on our hands.

2.  Tuscany, Italy.


In May I’ll be exploring the delights of Tuscany with two of my friends from school.  We’re hiring a car (I’m not driving thankfully) and staying in a couple of locations to see as much of the region as we can.  Although we’ve all been to Tuscany various times, we haven’t explored the whole region and thought it would be nice to go slightly further afield while basking in the Italian sunshine.  With good food and good wine it’s the perfect girls break.

3.  Dubrovnik, Croatia.


(Source “Old Port Dubrovnik” by Raime - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

This destination is top of my list for booking at the moment.  A mere 3 hour flight, and we’ll be in the middle of one of the most beautiful cities.  With stunning baroque architecture as well as sandy beaches it’s the perfect location for our first jaunt across the sea with our Son.  The laid back Mediterranean lifestyle increases the child friendly atmosphere and feel I’d want for a holiday with Little London, but with some gorgeous islands off the coast of Dubrovnik I would still have plenty to explore and seek out to please the traveller in me.

4. Transylvania, Romania.


(By Todor Bozhinov (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Not sure when to book this one for, or who with just yet.  It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for a while, but need to ascertain whether or not it would be child friendly enough for Little London because it would involve a lot of sightseeing and travelling internally.  With old school charm, and mythical vampires it’ll be one of those holidays that’ll allow me to follow my random intrigue.  Booking a package holiday with a company such as Expedia, would be worth considering if I did bring Little London as having a base and planning days out from there would make it that much easier.

And those are my travel plans for this year at the moment.  As much as I love long haul we are possibly living in Dubai for a month or two of the year, which would be the perfect base for countries that are further afield without having to do the flight direct with a young child.  But 2016 will be the year for that.

What travel plans have you got booked or are planning to book for this year?



  1. Re: Dubrovnik, you’ll find very few sandy beaches in Croatia, I’m afraid. Unless a few hotels have started importing it!. The karst limestone and pebbles is what makes the Adriatic so impossibly blue, as there’s no sand to get churned up by the tides.
    But it’s a magnificent city, as you state, and the nearby Elafiti islands make for a fabulous day excursion. As do Kotor and Mostar. Enjoy!

    • Oh no, I did a bit of research online and they said there are some sandy beaches to be found but there aren’t many. I’ll work on hunting them down and if I manage I’ll get some pictures up- well either that or they’ll be pebble beach pictures 😉

      I’ll keep your recommendations in mind, I can’t wait to go and explore it all.

  2. Oh wow, they are some travel plans! We’re off to Bluestone in May and then Centerparcs the week after. I can’t wait! Other than that we have no travel plans at the moment x
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  3. Wowwiiee!! Well, that’s taken care of LondonMums exotic 1st class luxurious 2015 travel brochure then - it looks brilliant!!! Just hope your little Champ is a signed up member of the LondonMums ‘Globetrotting Club.’ One noticeable omission though - Dorset. Anyone for a windy weekend in a cramped 2 berth tin caravan complete with en suite bucket ?? (with complimentary use of a beach hut ha.) Wouldn’t get that in Transylvania eh? Hope you all had a great break. Onwards LondonMum - official.

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