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At my final consultants appointment with the baby still breech at 37 weeks, it was decided that a scheduled caesarean was the safest mode of delivery for both myself and baby sister.

So we’ve finally been given a date, and at 38 weeks and 6 days I’ll be bringing this little girl into the world with the help of a surgical team.

That date is 15th May.

And to say I’m scared is an understatement.

I had an emergency caesarean with Little London but the circumstances were so different that by the time I was taken into theatre I had sepsis and it was passing through the placenta to him.  I felt so ill that I didn’t care what they did to me by that point as I kept passing out.  Plus I had the epidural in, and I hadn’t felt any labouring pain for a while.  I was just exhausted.

This time around I have time to think about how the surgery will feel.  How my emotions will be.  The fear I’ll have that morning as I walk myself to theatre.  The sounds, the needles, the people surrounding me in masks, the pulling and tugging feeling that can be felt as they try and pull the baby out.  The silence around the room when the baby arrives before it clears its airways.  The feeling of being trapped on a table not able to move and missing all those first moments.  And not even seeing her face before everyone else in the room has.

Today (two days before the surgery) I had a blood test just so they can make sure the theatre is stocked with the right blood should it be needed, and even that made me feel anxious.  Of course I’m glad they were making sure to prep, but it still makes me anxious.  I don’t want to need any extra blood, because that would mean the surgery not going so great.  And of course I don’t like needles at all.  In fact I turned into a chattering mess to the poor nurse doing my bloods today and started talking about the zika virus after trying to distract myself by reading a poster on the wall.

I’ve been having the occasional nightmare too which doesn’t help.  All centred around my son.  In the last dream, I had to go to a really important appointment, and after listening to everyone around me I decided to leave my son in bed alone in the morning.  When I was at the appointment all I could think about was the fact he was going to wake up and call out for me (which he does every morning ‘mummy I’m awake now, it’s morning’) and I wouldn’t be there to go and get him.  He’d cry and panic and just repeat mummy over and over again but no one would be there for him.

I know it’s my own fear about leaving him behind.  So much so that I want to try and see if I can get a private room at the hospital if it means I can have him stay with me post birth.

If I can’t have him with me, I’d rather be left alone in the hospital and have Mr London Mum return to have him that night.  In our hospital partners can stay over, and I would have given anything to have had Mr London Mum with me when I had Little London at St. Thomas’.  I really needed those extra hands to help me.  Post surgery with a new born isn’t an easy position to be in.

But this time around, I don’t want either of us to be away from Little London for too long.  He’ll be staying with my parents the night before my surgery because we’ll have to head in early Monday morning.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t usually have an issue leaving him with my mum if I need to for a week or so, but this time I feel like I need him around me.  I need to settle my own inner turmoil.

So tomorrow morning (Sunday), I take my final metformin pill for the gestational diabetes.  At 10pm I take the first of two ranitidine pills before ceasing to eat past midnight.  And then I take my final ranitidine pill at 6am the morning of the surgery with a tiny sip of water.  The ranitidine is meant to reduce stomach acid before the surgery and to stop me from feeling sick during the operation.  Although from experience I know they have injections too if I feel sick midway through.

At 7am I go into the hospital to have my final scan to see if the baby is still breech (because if she isn’t I’m allowed to decide whether or not to continue with the surgery).  If all goes well with the surgery I’ll be in recovery before midday.  And because the placenta will be out, which is the cause of my gestational diabetes I’ll finally be able to tuck into all the food I haven’t been allowed this pregnancy.  Of course once I feel well enough.  Too early on and I’m likely to be sick.

Speaking of the baby being breech though, last night she pulled some really odd shapes.  She was extremely active and I could see her lying horizontally across my belly, so for all I know she’s actually turned.  And as I write this I’m getting some strong braxton hicks, but nothing I could start monitoring on a contraction app just yet.  There’s no regularity to the pain.  And overall I’ve just been feeling a little off.  So I wonder if actually this is the start of things and she maybe coming sooner than we anticipate.  Either way we’re on proper countdown now.

I’m a bit of an emotional wreck with so many thoughts being processed through my mind right now.  I want her out of course, but I am extremely nervous.  I also have the added pressure that I hope her blood sugars are fine after she’s born.

If you want to hear how things progress on Monday don’t forget to add me on Instagram as I’ll be able to do updates on that much easier than I will on the blog until I’m home again.



  1. Eeek how exciting! I’d be nervous too thinking about everything if I had a planned caesarean…I think I’d have to demand to be put out cos the thought of an epidural terrifies me! Good luck lovely, can’t wait to hear when she’s here! X
    Lucinda Turner recently posted…Expecting Baby 2!My Profile

    • Hahah you’re like me! I had the epidural before but after 12 hours of induced labour there was no pain in the world that could top what I was going through so it didn’t hurt at all. This time I’ll be totally with it so will feel everything ! Noooooooo.

  2. All the best. It sounds scary, but i am sure you will be fine. Hope it all goes well

    • I suppose in that sense by the time it actually gets started I’ll probably be feeling really good and much better about things 🙂

  3. I’ll be following along on Insta - all the best! The most important thing is that baby girl gets here safely, so rest up as much as you can. Thinking of you! x

    • Thanks my love.. intrigued to see how this baby looks now 🙂

    • It’s hard to relax, but I’m hoping it’s just my minding over drive. On the day I’m sure I’ll have a great team.

  4. Of all our previous support posts over the past 38 weeks of c’mon LondonMum, be positive, be brave, we’re with you … now ‘THIS IS THE ONE’ with added purpose, meaning & the very best of our heart-felt thoughts for you for tomorrow. Just think LondonMum, when you’re eventually home you’ll finally be free – free of all those anxieties & all those so unfair sacrifices you’ve been forced to conquer, &, mind-racing nightmares – all those horrors will be forgotten & replaced with LondonMums fabulous gurgling & safe little Princess … who’ll be so lucky to have such a charismatic Mum & who’ll have her family to surround & support her. LittleLondon, “wake up, it’s morning” & I think Mum could do with one of your extra special cuddles right now. Nothing else to say (for once) except … Lucy & I hold our breath … we’ll be thinking of you … so LondonMum … for the last time: …


    • Thank you!! Arrrggghhh, it’s scary but I know I’ll get through it with my pretence at being brave!

  5. Good luck for tomorrow, I’m sure all will go smoothly and once you have that little bundle in your arms the world will be right again. I remember making myself ill before my c section but everything went as well as it could xx
    Debbie Nicholas recently posted…#MySundayPhoto – Painting.My Profile

    • That’s what I’m hoping for. By the time things start to get prepped it isn’t quite what I imagine so I’ll calm down and relax a bit.

  6. Aww so close now. Sorry to hear you’ve had nightmares. I felt awful about leaving my eldest. In fact my husband went home and looked after her and I stayed in the hospital with the baby alone. Good luck with it all. Can’t wait to see the new arrival post x
    Kerry norris recently posted…Enjoying the bluebells at The Wenallt WoodsMy Profile

  7. Good luck! I had 3 c sections and they were planned and it was a little easier for me! All the best
    Melissa Major recently posted…Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub | First ImpressionsMy Profile

  8. Oh wow. I am so happy for you. I have not had a caesarean so don’t know what it is like but i guess it is worth it for your bundle of joy! EXCITING!

  9. Omg, this is so exciting! I wish you all the best in the world, for you and the baby. Good luck! May it bring many happiness to the family!

  10. … we just wanted to belatedly say – HUGE H-U-G-E CONGRATULATIONS LondonMumX2! Just what L&I wanted to hear – so relieved you’re both ok & all’s well. She’s broken 2 Dorset hearts already “ouchie!” What a fabulous, beautiful charismatic little ‘Princess.’ From 1 microscopic little ‘Princess’ body cell - to over 36 trillion today … that was almost a trillion-a-week – no wonder you felt a bit ‘peculiar’ ha … & now look at her, every single cell created absolutely perfectly … SHE’S HERE! – (what were those worrying anxieties you had????) So now, let the ‘Perfect Princess Pink Power Party’ reign begin. Look after her ‘Big Bros.’ As promised, ‘somebody’ is now en-wing while on my last Midlands recording gig trek. … ‘O’ awaits … (& no need for reply.) Look out world … there’s 2 of them now … run for the hills haha. Onwards now LondonMum … “o-u-c-h-ie.”

    • hahah look at world indeed.. running behind both is one bedraggled looking woman screaming at them both! lol. Thank you. No more children for me! lol. x

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