What I Wore #2| Lingerie By Victoria

I thought I’d bring something a little bit spicy to the blog today *wink wink nudge nudge.*

I’m letting you get down to the bare essentials with me in my under crackers!


Because when you get sent something that’s really quite different from the mundane underwear I seem to exist in, it really would be a shame not to share it!

Plus getting myself back into something colourful and sexy has definitely spurred me on to give my underwear draw a good clear out.

(Please tell me I’m not the only Mum that hasn’t bought any new pieces in god knows how long, and is now faced with the choice of greying pieces or bras that are literally coming apart at the seams because they’re that old?).

Buying underwear used to be a favourite hobby of mine.  I had my go-to shops.  Shops that I knew would cater for my rather awkward size.  I suffer from small back, big boob syndrome.

And I know I’m not alone.  In fact the average breast size of a woman in the UK is 36D and it’s not stopping there.  It’s expected to keep rising!

With my expertise as a previous glamour model (I can not even tell you how much underwear I owned, I spent most of my twenties purely in lingerie), I can tell you that you can juggle the sizes around a little to make sure you get a style of bra you like the look of.


A 36D for example is similar/equal to a 34DD or E.  And sometimes the fit of a 34DD/E will look better and feel more secure.  So it’s always worth trying the sizes around the size you think you are or the size you’ve been measured at (go down one back size and up by one cup, bras should always fasten and be fitted on the loosest hooks, not the tightest).

In the past, bigger cup bras were boulder holder looking type garments.  They were horrific.  Big thick  shoulder straps, wide backs and old lady fabric patterns.  Yes they did the trick, but they didn’t exactly make you feel sexy.

Luckily the lingerie industry has moved with the times (albeit slowly at first), and pretty underwear is also made for larger chests too! Hurrah!

But it can still be a challenge to hunt out nice underwear if you don’t know where to shop.

DSC_0204 (1)

Lingerie By Victoria is an online store that stocks a range plus size lingerie and swimwear.  From back sizes that start at 28 and go up to a size 56, and cup sizes ranging from DD to K cup, us big boobed ladies can rejoice!

They do of course stock your basic colours and also nursing bras, but more excitingly they stock bright beautiful creations too!

The Freya Parade Longline Bra was right up my street.  It was so far removed from the boring underwear I had been wearing.  It was bright, vibrant and the colours brilliantly clashed.


The longline bra did mean I had a wider back strap but actually it was in a nice sexy way, as opposed to the thick bra back straps big boobed ladies are forced to endure from time to time.

Because of the length of it, I would actually be happy wearing it under something slightly sheer and not feeling exposed. And the back makes it look like a cropped top as opposed to just underwear.

The Freya Parade print does actually come in three bra type varieties and like any good underwear store there is always the option of a pair of matching knickers.

DSC_0194 (1)

In this print there are three knicker varieties, my preference were the low-cut Brazilian style- always my favoured choice!

Having big boobs doesn’t mean compromising on style when it comes to underwear, just make sure you find the right place that stocks beautiful pieces meant for the lady with the ample chest.

(Disclosure: PR Sample)



  1. Creative, artistic, impressive, beautiful & sensitive photos with articulate post! ‘L’s been showing me her similar themed training studio photos as well this evening. Need a dip in the Channel now!! … hot isn’t it? Onwards LondonMum. “O.”

  2. You look amazing! Beautiful underwear - my underwear drawer is mainly full of the greying, ill-fitting type! x

    • You and me both! I think we should start a joint underwear mission and see how it is by the end of the year 😉


  3. My underwear drawer needs a good clear out, in fact so does my whole wardrobe!!

    You look fab, love the bra so pretty xx

    • With kids running around it’s so much easier to go for the old grey tried and tested, but to be honest I felt just as comfortable in this set and then felt terrible for not updating my underwear drawer haha x

  4. Oh Donna you look incredible!!! I actually have quite a nice selection of pretty lingerie but I never feel confident enough to wear it so often stick to my more basic pieces. I absolutely love the colours and the style of the bra is not one I have tried before, I love the longer length though! The photos you have got for this post are stunning and very tasteful too!! Xo

    • Oh my goodness,please tell me you’ll wear your pretty pieces from now on! Wearing them may change the whole way you see yourself..! Plus really it’s only you that knows what you have on underneath 😉

      Trying to go from ex glamour to trying to get some pictures that weren’t glamour was a challenge for me lol. So I’m glad it came out how I wanted it to! x

  5. You have not had a child!! You look fierce!!! You would laugh if you saw the state of my underwear! It’s my goal to lose the baby weight quickly and get some nice bras again! X

    • I think it all went downhill for me when I had to buy maternity bras. I lost my inspiration for pretty undies after having to wear them. Gotta change that this year!

    • Thanks my lovely. Just saw your latest holiday destination- I’m SO jealous!! x

    • It’s a great bra isn’t it. I sifted through a few pictures to select the right ones that fitted with my blog lol. 😉 x

    • Definitely! That’s how I felt previously and again now- I just let standards slip a lot int he middle hahah 😉

  6. Lovely, tasteful photographs and a pretty colourful bra. It always feels good wearing nice stuff underneath!

  7. Now anything I wear must come with built in padding yet my teen is a EE and 16 and struggles to find pretty girly underwear for her age

    • I remember feeling that when I was younger. My breast size has gone down now, but I went up to a G cup at one point. I really anted a reduction in my teens but I was too young to be considered for surgery. But there was never any real bra options which was depressing. Luckily their are so many more options now! x

  8. I love how you’ve managed to take artistic, not voyeuristic shots of you in your underwear. You aren’t alone however about the bits of bra. An underwire snapped this week and I still put the bra in the wash as I don’t have many these days. Time to shop!

    • Hahah I know exactly what you mean! It’s only when the wire fully comes out and starts digging in do I think I need to chuck it! hahah x

    • Thank you! For about 9 years, so pretty much my entire 20’s until I became pregnant and decided to leave. xx

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