What I Wore #3| Clarks By Bells Shoes

Messy bun, dress, boots and out the door.


Getting ready isn’t a luxury when you’re a Mum.  It’s just a throw it on job.  Which is why it’s always worth having an assortment of shoes that work in all circumstances.  Because that’s the basis of an outfit right? The footwear…


^^ Dress| New Look, Boots| Bell Shoes

So for a woodland walk on some rather sticky mud with the little one, these Clarks Orinoco Tango Khaki leather boots were the perfect outfit complimenters- especially as I went from woodland to restaurant later on that day, so wellies wouldn’t have cut it on my feet!


I love the riding boot look and immediately fell in love with these knee high boots, stocked by Bells Shoes.  The perfect amount of practicality with the low heel and a bit of sexiness thrown in.  Plus the width of the boot can be adjusted to fit perfectly with the ‘unique Clarks clever fit technology.’

Now you may be wondering why I got these Clarks boots from Bells Shoes? Well let me tell you a little secret.  Bells Shoes stocks loads of branded shoe products often at amazing discounts.  These boots retail at £99.00 but are only £59.00 through Bells Shoes including postage and packaging, making them a steal and a pretty damn good investment!

Not only do Bells Shoes stock the Clark’s classics but they also stock Birkenstock, CAT, Barbour, Dr Martens, FitFlop, Havaianas, TOMS and Vans amongst loads of other brands for Men, Women and Children.  So they definitely have a website worth checking out if you’re in the market for some new shoes!

A Mum that can get down with her kid and then go out for dinner in the same outfit is what multitasking is all about 😉





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  1. Another fantabulous & photogenic post LondonMum! He’s certainly ‘got it’ alright … wonder who he ‘gets it’ from?? haha. Is all ‘O’ ok??? B&WC 5th Birthday soon! Local media promo features looming … it’s all go! Onwards LondonMum.

  2. It doesn’t look like you’ve just thrown on anything you look great in these photos. Love the boots they look really practical for a nice Winters walk x

    • So practical! My wardrobe is just full of simple clothing so it’s easy to just grab and go 🙂

    • I think I just got the angle right in the picture for the messy bun- usually they end up looking awful! hahah

    • They really are! So it’s great to know of a place that does discount on great brands. x

    • Clarks do great boots that last forever. So I’m glad to find somewhere I can get them cheaper 😉

  3. Aw hun you look gorgeous I absolutely love this photoshoot, I seem to recall you telling me that you were a model am I correct? It is easy to see why love the boots too xx

    • Yes, but I did glamour, so fashion doesn’t come easy to me at all. I know how to work my body with a lack of clothing on hahah, it’s somewhat different with clothes on!

      The boots are amazing, a great wardrobe staple 🙂 x

  4. I adore my Clarks boots they have lasted forever and are so comfy and go with everything fab blog post and beautiful pictures

    • They have changed massively as a brand since I was small, they have some amazing styles and designs now!

  5. These boots look amazing! I really, really need a new pair of boots and I like the look and sound of these. They look comfy and would go with tights, leggings and even skinny jeans! Thank you so much for sharing. xx

    P.S your photos are stunning.

    • Really practical boots and yes they go with everything which makes them even better! x

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