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In my last post, I gave you my top 5 picks from the Archive by Alexa collection.  However after spending a number of hours in store umming and ahhing over what to select myself, I decided to actually pick pieces I didn’t mention in my previous post.

The pieces that I finally chose I felt would slide into my wardrobe seamlessly and I would  be able to wear them pretty much daily.

Being a Mum means I don’t have ample time to dress up and go out, so everything I buy has to transition into what ever I need it to become.  Whether that’s running around after my son, going out with the girls for lunch, dressing up in something that’s smart casual- you name it it has to morph my look into what I’m wanting to portray.

So the navy Lillie jumper was a must have for me.  The weather is in that awkward phase at the moment with some days being really hot and other days being quite chilly, so this comfy sweater was exactly what I needed.

It’ll transition though the seasons well so I’ll get good use out of it too.  It’s 100% cotton, and it is just a great piece.  As with all my jumpers I bought it in a size larger than I am.  I always like loose jumpers because I find them more comfortable as I hate the feeling of tightness around my arms.

The Lydia skirt was the other piece I chose from the collection.  I’ve always loved a good mini skirt and this one fitted true to size.  I loved the feel of the fabric and the shape of the skirt.  Paired with some tights it can be worn during the cooler months, and in the summer it’s the perfect excuse to get some sunshine on your legs!

With a clean pair of white trainers you could really make this skirt look beautifully casual.  What I will say is that it is a definite mini.  I’m 5ft3 and didn’t need to take the skirt up at all, so if you are tall the length may prove an issue.  For me I felt it was the perfect length.




DSC_2146 (1)





    • It’s a pretty skirt isn’t it. Nice and simple but with a great pattern. x

  1. You look great! I recently ruined a navy jumper in the wash and was looking for replacement so thanks for this post! xx

  2. I just bought the jumper and really love how it looks. So soft too! I like how you’ve styled it with the skirt and ankle boots.

    • It’s a great jumper isn’t it. I’m always a bit iffy with wool products so I was glad this was cotton!

  3. Wardrobe? sling back rugby boots? … & ‘andbag aside, just like ‘L’ … LondonMum’s still ‘got it’ … We both think that a little ‘someone’s’ going to be so very very proud of his LondonMum!!!!! Gotta go … w/end gigs & studio recordings galore … it’s ok LondonMum, … I’ll do them haha. Just got back, you could’ve warned me of that monster Dartford crossing bridge ha – JEEEEZE, 1st time I’ve had vertigo … in a car haha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Hahah that’s a fun old bridge 😉 Bit worrying when they close it down for high winds! hahah

    • I know, I didn’t really have to put much effort into styling the outfit because they went so well together anyway!

    • I’m hoping to get good wear out of it this summer 🙂 Lets pray for sunshine!! x

  4. I have the exact same jumper, that I thought would have to be put away until the colder weather, then this morning I woke up to hailstones, so maybe it will be staying out a little longer

    • The weather is all over the place isn’t it?! The heating is back on in our house. lol. x

  5. Cool outfit! I have pieces quite like these in my own wardrobe that I’d wear with white trainers 🙂 Love the bag too!

  6. Great looking jumper! It really looks good you. My daughter is actually called Alexa, so I will have to let her know about this range!!

    • hahah as long as you put it on a low heat and air dry it’s great 😉

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