Winter Holiday Packing With A Toddler

If you decide to travel during the Winter, it’s really important you pack smartly- especially if you’re being joined by a toddler.

Winter clothing does tend to be bulkier and heavier, so making sure you only bring the essentials will cut down on lugging useless items around.

And if you decide to use public transport like we did, you’ll have to carry everything so you want to make sure nothing is unwanted!


So I thought I’d list what we brought with us for our toddler on our Slovenia/Austria two week break.

Starting with the bigger pieces first though.

We decided to use our Cybex Eternis M3* as our pram.  (Other prams in the range include Balios M, £390, Eternis M4, £320, IRIS M-Air, £340, Agis M-Air3, £240 and Agis M Air4, £260 as well as the Eternis M3, £300). DSC_0382

The basket size on this pram really isn’t great, but it is very secure (probably because it can be used for jogging being a three wheeler).

However, the reason we chose this pram was because it folds outwards.  Most prams fold inwards meaning that a foot muff would have to be removed before a pram was stored on an aeroplane (or a train).  By folding outwards the pram could still close with our sheepskin footmuff still attached, so it didn’t pose an additional problem for us or the airline.

Plus it’s quite light for a pram this size and easy to fold and carry using the handle bar.  

Another important factor is Little London finding it comfortable which he does.  Being outside most days meant we needed something to sit him in or let him nap when he became tired.  

Luggage was the next big item.  We decided to use a big back pack to store majority of our pieces in.

We would have used two back packs but our second one didn’t arrive in time due to the Christmas post, so instead we begrudgeingly used a bag on wheels as well, but it wasn’t ideal.

If you need a holiday back pack, Trespass have a great selection on their website, including a 65 litre bag that fits loads in it but isn’t huge.


I prefer back packs to wheeled cases because it really is much simpler to just chuck something on your back rather than wheel an annoying lopsided case over curbs and pavements.

You may think it must be quite heavy, but actually most back packs including the Stratos 65 litre rucksack*, are designed to support the weight with carefully designed adjustable back systems along with ultra padded shoulder straps.


With loads of space, compartments and areas to secure loose items to, back packs really are the best way to travel.

I’ve attached bulky items to the outside of back packs previously, such as sleeping bags and mosquito nets without any issue of losing them during plane transit using the compression straps to keep everything secure.  And that way those items didn’t take up vital internal space.

Bedding was our next big issue.  Being thrifty we didn’t want to have to pay extra for our Son to have a bed, plus he usually ends up in bed with us so it would have been a waste.

So we decided to bring along a travel centre- free to bring on aeroplanes.


^^ The Nscessity UV Deluxe has insect protective sides and has a 50+ UV rating.  It can also be used outdoors and on the beach, and has ground pegs to secure the tent down. 

Our travel centre is the Nscessity UV Deluxe.  I can not tell you how life changing this product is (I will use it pretty much for as long as he fits in it, wherever we stay and when staying over at grandparents houses).

It’s so light and it pops up like a tent.  There’s a self inflating mattress and along with some night time essentials (his turtle star light, Eddie his really ugly manky toy, an extra blanket to sleep on top of- found in most rooms we stayed in and his own sleeping bag), our Son made home in there every night and happily went to sleep.

Once he was down for the night I’d zip him securely into the tent (usually just the insect netting, as I didn’t feel he needed the outer zip closed as well) and as soon as he woke in the morning he’d let me know so I could unzip him, allowing him his freedom again.

When all packed away the tent looped around the handle bar of our Cybex, so it didn’t require carrying at any point when we moved on.

Other than that we both had two small rucksacks that we wore, useful for hand luggage on flights and also as day bags when exploring the places we visited- stuffed with toddler bits and toys.

Now we’ve done the big stuff let’s get down to the clothing which is where I think most of you would be nervous.  After all making sure your child is warm in winter climes is paramount to your happiness!

Most of Little London’s wardrobe was gifted as Christmas presents from friends and family which was really useful, and I am so grateful for.


^^ The raspberry coloured fleece turned out quite pink but he rocks it!

Most of the pieces came from a company called Muddy Puddles who I fell in love with after reviewing their ski coat.

In our bag for Little London we packed:

  • Thin Base Layer (top and trousers) x2
  • Fleece Base Layers (trousers and tops) x2
  • Snow socks x2
  • Ski Jacket
  • Snowsuit
  • Snow boots
  • Balaclava (thin to pack and difficult for him to take off and warms the neck)
  • Snow mittens
  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag
  • Set of normal clothing (Jumper, long sleeve top, trousers, socks, and shoes)
  • Medical kit including sudocrem, calpol and baby shampoo
  • Baby wipe pack x 2 (buy more when needed)
  • All the nappies we could fit (buy more when needed)
  • Variety of books, toys, kindle fire and enough snacks to get through the first couple of days- just in case.
  • One bottle for milk (I carry water with me at all times so I didn’t feel a separate water bottle was needed)
  • Three dummies (he wouldn’t take any other brand and actually he destroyed two so only one made it back before we decided to ditch the dummy for good)

And that was it.  His entire list.

By having thin base and fleece layers it meant we could adapt his temperature by adding more layers or taking away layers which is really important when you’re somewhere cold.

Plus most clothing designed for winter tends to wash well and dry very quickly, so things could be washed and worn again the day after without any issue or needing extra drying time.


For extra cold days his foot muff certainly provided the extra warmth we were jealous of, and he quickly learnt how to tuck his hands down inside the foot muff on days when he refused to wear his gloves!

And that is it.  It’s not all that scary going somewhere cold with a toddler, in fact the making sure you pack right is the scariest thing, so hopefully this post has helped you out a little bit with a few ideas.

(Disclosure: PR samples marked with a *)



  1. Wait… How I have I never heard of the travel centre before?! That’s AMAZING! I wish I’d had one of those when my children were little. I’ll certainly bear in mind if I have another child ever (that’s a big IF!). Also your pram sounds fantastic, prams that fold outwards are so much easier. I hope you all had a lovely time on your travels 🙂 xx
    Sarah recently posted…Making mothers day rosettes from Baker Ross {Review}My Profile

    • No doubt loads more!! hahah and with the bigger sizes probably much harder to pack compactly 😉

  2. I hate packing for winter trips because a few jumpers and your case is full! No idea how you did it for 3 of you! Clearly some very careful planning 🙂 I agree that a good rucksack is so much easier than the wheel cases - Mine always twists and flips over when I’m crossing the roads! x

  3. I hate packing for winter trips because a few jumpers and your case is full! No idea how you did it for 3 of you! Clearly some very careful planning 🙂 I agree that a good rucksack is so much easier than the wheel cases - Mine always twists and flips over when I’m crossing the roads! x

    • Hopefully it’ll help them out. It’s scary heading into the unknown with your baby in tow, but so much fun too!

  4. Great post. I love that your toddler gets to experience this amazing world from such a young age 🙂

    • I was in a kur-fuffle myself before going as I was constantly worried about him being warm enough.

  5. we are going skiing in April so will need that list of things to pack - great tips! x

  6. Oh these are perfect tips! I’ve never been anywhere too cold with Abbie but i’d probably go a bit overboard and pack absolutely everything haha, I wonder if you can get kids thermals? Lots of fluffy socks like you said and ski suits are things I need to invest in if I go somewhere colder, and some good quality boots too! x

    • The fleece and base layers act as thermals and actually the fact that their thinner traps the air in better to keep them warm. Muddy puddles as a company are definitely my go to for winter clothing!

  7. what a fantastic post and I admit traveling with kids is bad enough but when its cold its even worse and with 6 kids you can only imagine how much we have to take with us and I love the look of that rucksack. We were never without a cosy toes during the winter months
    Emma White recently posted…Freddie And I – Blogger In The SpotlightMy Profile

    • Thanks it’s always a worry, but knowing I had extra items at all times for more layers (or less layers) made me feel so much better.

    • It was a god send! Being free to bring on flights too meant it wasn’t an issue at any point.

  8. This pop up bed looks amazing and great for keeping little ones secure! Also what a great idea getting a fold out buggy so you don’t have to take off all the bulky items! great tips x

  9. We used to have a travel cot for Little Miss H that was like that Travel Centre and it was amazing. So useful for holidays and staying away. I definitely agree that in these circumstances layers are the way forward when dressing a toddler. And that Little London totally rocks that fleece. He is so gorgeous. Hugs Lucy xxxx
    Mrs H recently posted…Pregnancy after miscarriage: Our first trimesterMy Profile

    • We have a normal travel cot too, but he absolutely hates it. I don’t know why! But he loves the travel centre. 🙂

    • It’s not as bad as you first imagine, but it does take a lot of careful planning. x

    • It’s a great pram. It was very very cold but it’s a different kind of cold to the UK. It’s freezing, but with no real wind so it does’t feel as bad as long as you’re wrapped up well. x

  10. A great list of tips! We are off to Italy in August and its the girls first holiday abroad so I think a list will be in order to get organised as knowing me I will forget the important things!xx

  11. The travel centre looks amazing! We’ve never been away on a winter holiday with our kids really. Summer holiday packing is so much lighter! Thanks for sharing this info though - such helpful tips 🙂

    • Summer packing is definitely easier lol. Couple of shorts and t shirts and off you go! Woo!

  12. Some really great tips, Its amazing how much stuff you need to take for a toddler! Always ends up with more than me
    Idaintyit recently posted…The Sorcery Code by Dima ZalesMy Profile

    • I know! I used to take loads, but now I have to make sure his stuff is covered first! lol

  13. A really useful post thank you. That travel cot looks amazing and I agree, layers are definitely the way forward.

  14. All looks great and really handy for travelling, and your right, he really does rock that raspberry fleece

    • It’ll always depend on how you travel. If you’re going from airport to all inclusive then a suitcase is definitely easier 😉

  15. I would think packing for a child would be a nightmare! I’m not looking forward to that when I choose to have one.

    • It’s ridiculous how much they need, and then you panic you don’t have everything! lol x

    • For me it takes so much extra thought than just packing my own stuff. I think because I can say when I’m hot or cold whereas he can’t/couldn’t (he’s come on a bit since then).

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