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Sometimes you come across something so amazing you just aren’t sure if doing a ‘write up’ will do it justice.

That’s my problem here.

I was invited to go and visit quite possibly the most amazing place in London for Mum’s.

If you’re anything like me you realise that having a baby (and glorious as it is) is a slight hindrance.  Everything has to be planned meticulously.  My eyebrows, nails and pretty much everything beauty related have been neglected since the birth of Baby London.

Lets be honest, no one wants a baby in a salon that’s going to scream and cry.  How can you relax into having a treatment knowing your child needs entertaining or worse- feeding??!!

Enter Blobar.

The concept behind Blobar comes from a fellow Mum who found it hard to get her essential beauty treatments in while she had children.  So she made her own salon.  Blobar is quite possibly the simplest but most genius concept ever.

It’s a place you can visit to get that much-needed blow dry (which involves having your hair washed and head massaged, quite possibly one of my favourite things ever!), essential waxing, manicures and pedicures (including gels), hair restyles and trims, spray tanning and the usual eyebrow and eyelash treatments.

And during that time your child is safe in the sealed off crèche (so no fumes from nail products waft in) with a qualified child carer who has undergone the strictest checks and is first aid trained (do make sure you book in the crèche time when making appointments).


Plus for those nosy Mum’s you are given a Samsung tablet during your treatments to watch your child in the crèche if you so wish.

Literally, this is the first salon since having Baby London where I just let myself relax and be pampered…

It started off with a cup of tea (in a mason jar- top marks from me) and a little cake.  Oh they knew exactly what I needed 😉

And after having my hair washed I was given a large choice of nail colours to pick from for my shellac treatment…

As I was flying to Italy the day after for a Wedding I decided to go with a natural nail colour.

And while my therapist got to work on my nails…


…my hair stylist started prepping my hair for the blow dry of my choice.  The Chelsea blowout for me please!


During my treatment time, Baby London was entertained and fed (for breastfeeding Mother’s the child carer will discuss with you to ascertain if you want to feed the baby or if you have a bottle prepped).  And by the time my treatment was finished not only was I feeling on cloud 9 but I think little man was as well.  He’d played with new toys and was in the middle of being rocked to sleep.

So I popped him back into his pram (which there is loads of space for) and popped him back into the car to let him nap while I drove home.


Not before grabbing a few pictures of my new hair and nails though 😉

I think Baby London was pretty upset when he woke up and realised he was at home again…

…so it won’t be long before we head to Blobar again.  I have to do what the little man wants after all 😉



    • Isn’t it such a great place? Imagine the twins being looked after for a while while you get pampered… *bliss* x

  1. Oh my goodness this is a dream come true for mums! It looks fab, I need me sons of that treatment! X

    • It’s brilliant isn’t it? I’d be in there daily if I could! lol x

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  3. Why have I have never heard of this place?! It sounds and looks amazing & although my Freddie is almost 3 I will be keeping this in mind for future bambinos!

    Your hair & nails look gorgeous 🙂

    • They have videos for older children, and toys for them to play with as well if you ever wanted some pamper time 🙂 xx

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